Scholarships & Awards

Each year, provided by two grants from the Department of prizes: Kogan Award for outstanding students and ulceration picaresque excellent seminar paper.
 These awards nomination proposal being considered at the beginning of last month of the semester. Awards ceremony is held in a special ceremony in the first part of the second semester. Notice of receipt of the prizes will be posted on the site.

 Kogan Award
 Since investment counselor shall provide the department until two awards in memory of Professor Yaakov Kogan Memorial (1911-1992).
 Prof. Kogan was one of the founders of the Department of the University of Haifa in the 60s. The award is made possible through the generous support of the widow, the writer, Ms. Ida Aisnson Kogan.
 Prizes are awarded to students for excellence and the Department of general achievement in undergraduate studies and the other.
 Kogan Award winners Release Page academic year are:
 Encourage Moretzky (AEC)
 Lior bud (RV)

 Isaiah Award (Sheika) Pekarsky
 Since Law Department provides up to two awards named after Mr. Isaiah (Sheika) picaresque late (1936-2003). Mr. Pekarsky was an older student circle and passed away after completing his degree when he began doctoral studies.
 Thanks to the generous support of his widow, Mrs. Margalit Pekarsky, made possible by two grants called his name.
 Department of prizes are awarded to students who filed papers excel in their studies for the first and second degree.

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